Cream of chicken plus

1/2 cup onion mix

5 cubed chicken breasts

4 cups water whisked with 2 chicken oxo packets

1/3 diced cooked ham

3 chunky cut Russet potatoes

Pinch of red pepper flake

Tbsp garlic powder

Tbsp dried chives

Instapot on keep warm 4 hours

2x chicken setting

Add 250ml half and half, 1 cup milk and tbsp corn startch.

Simmer until thick

Cool and bullet for baby 😉

Served with quick cook biscuits


Cream of potato

5 large potatoes peeled and diced

1/4 diced onion

Sprinkle of oregano

Sprinkle of red pepper flake

2 packs chicken oxo

3~ cups water

3 large slices cooked ham diced

Stir and instapot soup

500 ml half and half

1~tbsp corn starch


Pour into soup base

Chop up 1 brick cream cheese

Whisk and cook in open instapot on soup until cream cheese is creamy keep whisking periodically

Everyone loved this including the baby. May try adding a cup of corn next time

Learning vba

One of the easiest ways to learn Excel macros is to record them then edit the code to see what you've recorded.

This does not however work as well with Access macros – creating macros doesn't let you into the code.

Improved chicken wrap

This is a weekly prep kind of idea:
2 shredded chicken breasts
2 thick cut slices ham diced
Toss in 1-2 cups bbq sauce
Shake and store

Spoon 3 tbsp onto tortilla with
Splash of ranch
Sprinkle shredded cheese
Heaping tbsp diced onion and mixed pepper
2 strips cooked bacon
1 handful spinach.

Even better grilled.

A few formulas

LabelName: format([Table].[Column],"#.##,0")
This will format the data in the [Column] of [Table] (in Access) to 0.00 with leading zeros.

NoComma: Replace([Table].[Column],",","")
This will replace any , with nothing when displaying the data from [Table] in [Column]

Dynamic Drop downs

So you want a color selection based on a product listing…

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)

This sheet has the product selection in column C (3)

'If Target.Address = "$B$2" Then
If Target.Column = 3 Then

Dim sProduct As String, sFilter As String
sProduct = Target.Value

We’re going to check the Color sheet for the product code – there’s not very many rows of products in this example – only rows 2 to 5 hold the product types.

Product Name look up reference column

For iRow = 2 To 6
If Sheets("Color").Range("U" & CStr(iRow)).Value = sProduct Then
sFilter = Sheets("Color").Range("V" & CStr(iRow)).Value
sFilter = "=OFFSET(Color!$" & sFilter & "$2,0,0,COUNTA(Color!$" & sFilter & ":$" & sFilter & ")-1,1)"
End If
Next iRow

Next we delete and recreate the data validation lists based on the filter we just created looking up the products.

Range("F" & Target.Row).Validation.Delete
Range("G" & Target.Row).Validation.Delete
If Len(sFilter) > 0 Then
If sProduct = "Add-On" Then
Range("F" & Target.Row).Validation.Add xlValidateList, , , sFilter
Range("F" & Target.Row).Validation.Add xlValidateList, , , "=Color!$D$2:$D$3"
Range("G" & Target.Row).Validation.Add xlValidateList, , , sFilter
End If
End If

End If

End Sub