Dynamic Drop downs

So you want a color selection based on a product listing…

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)

This sheet has the product selection in column C (3)

'If Target.Address = "$B$2" Then
If Target.Column = 3 Then

Dim sProduct As String, sFilter As String
sProduct = Target.Value

We’re going to check the Color sheet for the product code – there’s not very many rows of products in this example – only rows 2 to 5 hold the product types.

Product Name look up reference column

For iRow = 2 To 6
If Sheets("Color").Range("U" & CStr(iRow)).Value = sProduct Then
sFilter = Sheets("Color").Range("V" & CStr(iRow)).Value
sFilter = "=OFFSET(Color!$" & sFilter & "$2,0,0,COUNTA(Color!$" & sFilter & ":$" & sFilter & ")-1,1)"
End If
Next iRow

Next we delete and recreate the data validation lists based on the filter we just created looking up the products.

Range("F" & Target.Row).Validation.Delete
Range("G" & Target.Row).Validation.Delete
If Len(sFilter) > 0 Then
If sProduct = "Add-On" Then
Range("F" & Target.Row).Validation.Add xlValidateList, , , sFilter
Range("F" & Target.Row).Validation.Add xlValidateList, , , "=Color!$D$2:$D$3"
Range("G" & Target.Row).Validation.Add xlValidateList, , , sFilter
End If
End If

End If

End Sub

Chicken wraps

Instapot 2 chicken breasts, plain. 

Shred into a plastic container and toss with about 2 tbsp BBQ sauce ( we like kraft garlic and more sauce isn’t a bad thing) 

Once cooled place in the centre of your favorite wrap with shredded mozzarella, a squirt of bacon ranch dressing and a handful of spinach. 

Panini press or grill until cheese is melted. 

Cut into pin wheels. 

Lazy man nochos 

Super simple 

Preheat oven to anything over 300

Brown a lb or so of hamburger

Layer nachos of choice, “zebra” cheese, hamburger and rings of onion

Bake until cheese melts 

Serve with sour cream and salsa (maybe even guacamole)

Recycled salad

Take yesterday’s stuffed potatoes and pretend you have left overs. 

On a hamburger bun, place a slice of cooked ham and a slice of turkey then heap on a good scoop of potato salad (filling from stuffed potatoes). 

Enjoy your lunch. 

Toddler omelet 

Simple attempt to get a variety of food in my toddler 

2 eggs beaten with a splash of heavy cream

Handful of shredded lunch meat

Handful of shredded cheese

Pinch of spinach 

Mushrooms fried in butter and seasoning salt

Maybe not so good…

We like macaroni and cheese but maybe not with chives.

This one needs work.

1/3 cup fresh chives

2 boxes kraft dinner 

2 handfuls bacon crumble

2 table spoons butter 

6 hot dogs

Boil until macaroni is cooked. Drain.

Add milk and cheese powder

1 tablespoon opinion powder

1 tablespoon garlic salt
Thinking we skip chives and add frozen veggies instead about 2 cups

Energy Balls

In a hunt for lunch pail snack foods, I found something like these – they seem ok, not sure about the energy part of the original claim. 
1 cup oats (not instant)

1/4 cup honey

1/4 cup smooth peanut butter

1/2 tsp vanilla
Mix together by hand and refrigerate 30 min then roll into bite size balls.