I am a mother of 2 handsome little boys (under 2), and a 100 lbs beautiful fluff ball (lab, husky, retriever mix). I’ve been working as a database developer (Microsoft Access mostly) for more than a decade.  Tech support in a family run business. I dabble in the kitchen when I can and tend to work on mobile devices rather than desktops lately. Just starting to explore PowerApps and living in a small town in Alberta, Canada.

This blog will seem haphazard, as it will be posts about things which caught my attention today (or this week). Typically short clips about something tech related or a recipie we tried this week. If it’s a recipie, there’s a good chance I didn’t really measure and if it’s tech related, there’s a good chance I can make a quick video or screen shot when you get stuck trying it yourself. 

Welcome to the things I learned about recently.